About Us

Dynamic Foods, located in Lubbock, Texas, prepares, processes and distributes food products for the food service and retail markets across the United States. Dynamic Foods produces approximately 200 different food items, including bakery products, meats, seafood, and prepared foods such as sauces, gravies, glazes, fillings, Mexican foods, meatloaf and lasagnas.

Dynamic Foods possesses a high degree of flexibility in all processing areas and customization.

As a producer with an annual capacity of 100 million lbs, we offer efficiency and attention to detail whether it be large-scale product, short runs or limited production quantities.

Our Food Technologists and Certified Executive Chefs apply their experience to replicate any product or assist in the overall development of the new product.

Dynamic Foods was established in 1968. Our manufacturing and distributing facility has grown steadily over the years and now contains four buildings with a total area of 220,00 square feet situated on 24 acres. Included is approximately 130,000 square feet of food processing area and 50,000 square feet of frozen warehouse and shipping.

Dynamic Foods operates a fleet of modern trucks from its Lubbock-based terminal.

Dynamic Foods operates under USDA inspection as established number 2250/P335. We adhere to strict requirements for ingredient suppliers, manufacturing practices, sanitation practices, and microbiological testing. Dynamic Foods processes under the USDA's Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program and FDA's Hazard Analysis.

Numerous resources are utilized in order to hold a standard of accuracy and consistency in the lab. Read more.

Food safety is the primary goal for Dynamic Foods, and our Quality Assurance associates ensure each shipment is fresh and wholesome. Dynamic Foods annually invites Merieux NutriSciences, formerly known as Silliker, to perform a Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety Systems Audit in our facilities.