Dynamic Foods presents a variety of products.

Baked Goods

With a large in-house bakery department, we make our baked goods a cornerstone of our operation. As bakery, we provide a variety of great tasting products such as:
  • Pecan pies
  • Cornbread
  • Cupcakes
  • Variety cake layers and sheet cake
  • Multiple varieties of dinner rolls


Servicing a variety of demands, the casseroles serves a broad variety of consumers.

italian-chicken-and-rice-casserole-doneThe casserole is The dynamic solution to dynamic needs means Dynamic Foods! Due to our approach, we are multifaceted in our ability to provide a multitude of products and we do few products better than casseroles.

Simple? Maybe. But the casserole should never be shunned and given little thought. It can greatly impact costs as consumers are appeased with quality side dishes with excessive and bright flavors. Doing it effectively is taken for-granted.

Using Dynamic Foods and their dynamic solutions to preparation and presentation, our clients see impact in mitigated costs while enhancing customer experiences.


The lasagna is an American staple like few others. Dynamic in its many connotations, the lasagna is in demand because of its many flavors across many designs. Traditional in its layering and same basic design, many creators tinker with the lasagna, and few can take an original idea like that, and make it even better.

In many cases, Dynamic has introduced a lasagna item for companies who have long neglected the consumer demand for lasagna, servicing the clients' customers in new and unique ways. From meatless lasagnas to high-speed preparation and deliver lasagnas, Dynamic Foods is addressing new and unique ways to produce lasagna items for a variety of nominal requests from a variety of customers.

Hand Rolled Foods

A major function of Dynamic Foods is delivering delicious hand-rolled items on a mass scale with without a mass scale taste.

Combining our mechanized system for rolling out quality hand rolled items with a uniquely managed team, Dynamic Foods delivers a unique flavor with its hand-rolled items while maintaining its grasp on unique flavors.

Soups & Sauces

The baseline of a menu lives and dies in the sauces. Flavors reside in your menu's sauce bases, and Dynamic Foods uses its integrated system to ensure quality saucesto expand the flavor and maximize your customers' experiences.

A quality soup menu means up-selling is not completely rooted in a server's responsibility. Getting a soup added to a customer's ticket means increased sales, and we want those revenue number to increase based on reputation and integrity of the soup product developed by Dynamic Foods.

See all the ways we can bring a major impact to producing your menu's soups and sauces.


Getting meats, fish, and eggs into your menu is opportune in presenting your customer with a variety of options.

Dynamic Foods looks for unique ways to deliver those proteins in order to evolve and build the customer experience.

With an in-house USDA inspector overseeing our meat department, Dynamic Foods takes pride in its meat processing whether you're looking for whole muscle meat and fish items, or restructured meat and seafood products.

See more about our Meat Department under Our Facilities.