Custom Creations

Dynamic Foods understands that our success is partially based on our clients' successes. Therefore, we invest time and technical resources to ensure that our customers have all the information they need to make our products work for them and their venues.

Case Studies
Take a look at some of what Dynamic Foods has been doing. Creating impact on our clients means creating impact on their customers, and here's a look at just a few of those big projects.

Regional Pizza/ Entertainment Buffet Chain
Saddled with a challenge of diversifying the client's menu while limiting exposure to increased commodity prices, this client looked to Dynamic Foods to to create a variety of menu items. Now with as many as 25 items on the client's menu, Dynamic Foods has decreased food costs by two percent.

Bringing new ideas to the forefront of users means working hand-in-hand with our clients. While we analyze trends and perform analysis on the forefront of foods in the news, we know that our clients are out in front of their own customers every day. That's why we love it when a client brings a problem in search of a solution.

By bringing in our Research and Development team along with our food designers, we attack problems with a desire for results, and we develop solutions to not only produce that items, but also to save you big bucks.
  • The Dynamic Team - View a little more information about us and our experience in uniquely impacting menus all across the United States. Read more.

We have a well-trained and certified culinary team who dedicate themselves to creating the best products possible.

Partnering with your culinary team, we develop foods with flavors that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

With innovative solutions to maximize product functionality and ease of preparation, we attack challenges with precision and detail to help our clients excel and please their customers.

Our Sales Approach - insight into our priorities We do not recruit sales wiz kids, placing them into the technical world of unique foods production. The science of food and consumer trends requires a well-equipped team to conduct analysis and relate to our clients' needs.


Dynamic Foods offers the following:
  • Customer menu analysis.
  • Operaions-specific menu idea and recipe development.
  • Custom product development.
  • Food safety and organoleptic testing.
  • Nutritional analysis

No matter the size of your company or the scope of your company's buying, our services and infrastructure works on an economy of scale that suits needs of all sizes. The quality service we provide is constant for all of our clients.

Dynamic Foods won the client’s 2008 Supplier of the Year Award due to its successful production.